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By creating and distributing valuable and relevant content, we transform your company into a brand.

Content Strategy

Our Content Marketing Strategy not only conveys your story, but also tells the how, where, and when.

Data Analytics

We use data to help us make better content marketing decisions by using it as actionable information.

Content Marketing

By creating and distributing valuable and relevant content, we transform your company into a brand.


On-Page SEO

We optimize every individual pages of your website to make it more friendly to users and search engines.


Organic SEO

Organic SEO can give your landing pages the best chance at ranking high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Reputation Management

We work with your brand online to counter and eliminate negative content and keep a close eye on your competition.


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We saw a great improvement when Lightblue took over our content marketing. Our online sales grew by more than 216% year on year and this was extraordinary for our business.

Grace Bentley

Managing Director

Working with Lightblue has been great. We were looking out for a new SEO Agency that could provide us with a strategic direction – something more than the standard service on offer. Lightblue impressed us in that respect – they highlighted how they could support our business not only from a content strategy perspective but from a technical point of view also.

Diya Abu al Khayr Asker

Executive Director

Working with Lightblue delivered superb results in a short period of time as a direct result of their content strategy and efficiency. The quality and quantity of traffic driven from their content marketing efforts increased exponentially after their in-depth analysis and technical expertise.

Prashant Tiwari


Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask us any questions you have before making any decision. Contact us anytime and we will respond your queries with honesty.

Does content marketing work?

When you use content marketing to connect with your audience through story-telling, and make it engaging – it works. For content marketing to work, it has to impactfully and meaningfully engage with an audience.

How do I know if content marketing makes sense for me?

Content marketing makes sense for every business, big or small – if it’s done right. It is at the very core of Digital Marketing. Effective content marketing backed by a powerful content marketing strategy makes readers think and feel something.

How much does Content Marketing cost?

Content Marketing depend on your business needs and goals. But you need to steer clear of content marketing agencies without understanding the options you have. Find an agency which delivers a robust ROI on your marketing budget. Light Blue Content have helped companies grow more than 400% with only content marketing (Without paid Ads).

How does marketing without talking about or promoting our product/service help us create leads and sales?

Effective content marketing is not always about selling. It’s about educating, listening, and resolving. Each and every piece of content that is being published online should aim to solve a problem or address a need – that of your target audience. And when you resolve a problem with your product or service, you ARE promoting it in their minds, and that is more important. If they feel that their need is being addressed, they will buy your products/services.

How can I use content marketing to increase brand awareness in the most efficient way?

We design our content keeping in view the kind of audience your product or service is expecting to interact and engage with. Well-written and relevant content is the back bone of all content marketing efforts. We create a content strategy aligned to the needs of your audience which in turn increases your brand awareness.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the use of content (e.g. blog, tweet, email, landing page, product description etc. etc.) in an effective manner meet your marketing goals – including customer acquisition or retention, online brand awareness, or really anything else

How do I get started with content marketing?

The first step is to develop a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based) Content Marketing Plan. A content strategy is your map which will guide you to your ultimate goal, which may be brand awareness, website visibility, lead generation, or sales.

Should I use content marketing?

Yes, every digital marketing strategy needs to have a content marketing component. Content marketing is also the only proven SEO tactic that has remained effective through all search engine algorithm changes.

How can content marketing/Lightblue Content help address our target audiences throughout the customer purchase journey?

Knowing your audiences, their needs and expectations and making marketing messages more aligned to that is how Lightblue Content keeps your audiences and prospects engaged. Analytics make our content actionable and helps you stay ahead of competition.

Why would I want to educate my customers and help my competition?

By educating your customers, you are not helping your competition. You are actually overrunning it. Businesses become successful because they educate their customers. Think about it. If you are educating your customers about the benefits of your products, sooner or later they will understand its value of that of your competitor’s. Educating is another word for marketing.

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